Definition of electrooptics in English:


plural noun

treated as singular
  • The branch of science that deals with the effect of electric fields on light and on the optical properties of substances.

    • ‘Israel also wants to increase cooperation with India in other areas, including agricultural biotechnology, lasers and electro-optics and information technology.’
    • ‘Awarded annually, the Gold Medal of the Society recognizes outstanding engineering or scientific accomplishments in optics, electro-optics, or photographic technologies or applications.’
    • ‘At 40 Gbps, electronics and electro-optics must work significantly faster than in today's 2.5 - Gbps and 10 - Gbps systems.’
    • ‘An array of onboard sensors, infrared, radar, and electro-optics can be used to gather information, record it, and download it after the mission.’
    • ‘Always keen on learning more, he was attracted to the field of laser optics and worked for a time as a certified laser electro-optics technician in southern California while continuing to run his own mineral business.’
    • ‘The technology that can deliver is electro-optics.’
    • ‘He is a consultant in displays and electro-optics in Los Altos, CA.’
    • ‘We've been working with a few defense contractors and companies in the electro-optics business that are considering expansions.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the electro-optics segment stands to benefit.’



/əˌlektrōˈäptiks/ /əˌlɛktroʊˈɑptɪks/