Definition of electrophysiologically in English:



See electrophysiology

  • ‘A randomized, double-blind trial compared oral corticosteroid therapy and local corticosteroid injection in 60 patients with electrophysiologically confirmed carpal tunnel syndrome.’
  • ‘A systematic review looked at the usefulness of elements of the history and physical examination for the diagnosis of electrophysiologically proved carpal tunnel syndrome.’
  • ‘The gating functions of channels are electrophysiologically investigated in great detail using a consistent modeling approach of transitions between active and inactive states.’
  • ‘Only a minority of the isolated photoreceptors retain their outer segment; these cells, however, remain functional in short term cell culture and can be studied electrophysiologically.’
  • ‘This can be shown electrophysiologically by accelerating the tarsus at small amplitudes and variable frequency.’