Definition of electrophysiologist in English:



See electrophysiology

  • ‘Cardiac electrophysiologists who are board certified through the American Board of Internal Medicine would be considered in most cases qualified to implant most heart rhythm devices.’
  • ‘Ten years ago it could have been said that electrophysiologists were a relatively benign breed of cardiologists who did little harm but little good either.’
  • ‘Close collaboration of the critical care physician and cardiologist / electrophysiologist assures that pacemakers and defibrillators are tuned to optimize the hemodynamic milieu of critically ill patients.’
  • ‘When magnetic resonance imaging is absolutely essential to patient management, an electrophysiologist or pacer physician should be consulted regarding PPM / ICD management.’
  • ‘This is despite the fact that electrophysiologists and pharmacologists had been working successfully on the mechanisms that underlie the basic structure and function of neurons.’