Definition of electropolish in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Give a shiny surface to (metal) using electrolysis.

    ‘the edges of the device are electropolished to smooth out any possibility of irritation’
    • ‘electropolished aluminum’
    • ‘Nitinol parts can exhibit heat-affected zones after thermocutting, crevices between grains, and sharp edges, which is why electropolishing nitinol parts is a necessary step.’
    • ‘In some cases, if the process or design limits the amount of recast present, electropolishing alone can remove surface contaminants.’
    • ‘In addition to its laser processing, the company provides postprocessng operations such as electropolishing, annealing, surface finishing, and bending.’
    • ‘For example, coronary stents manufactured of 316L-grade stainless steel can undergo a wide range of annealing, passivation, electropolishing, and cleaning processes.’
    • ‘A single-source supplier of metal device fabrication services can mark and engrave medical and surgical components and provide in-house laser welding, electropolishing, and passivation.’
    • ‘In the next step, the stents are put through electropolishing in order to smooth out their surfaces.’
    • ‘So laser-cut edges might require postprocessing work such as electropolishing or multistep chemical procedures.’
    • ‘This can be improved by mechanical polishing or electropolishing.’
    • ‘Parts coming off the machine typically do not have dross or slag left over from the cutting process, which means less time in the electropolishing postprocess.’



/əˌlektrōˈpäliSH/ /əˌlɛktroʊˈpɑlɪʃ/