Definition of electropositive in English:



  • 1Physics
    Electrically positive.

    • ‘Specifically, large electropositive or electronegative regions can reasonably attract oppositely charged entities through long-range electrostatic interactions.’
    • ‘Microporous filters that are more electropositive than the negatively charged filters currently used for virus concentrations from water by filter adsorption-elution methods were evaluated for poliovirus recovery from tap water.’
    • ‘The results confirm the electropositive charge of the virus, as well as the minuteness of its size.’
  • 2Chemistry
    (of an element) tending to lose electrons and form positive ions in chemical reactions.

    • ‘In the case of binary covalent compounds, the positive oxidation number is assigned to the more electropositive element, and the negative oxidation number to the more electronegative element.’
    • ‘In this reaction the electrophile is produced when the methyl chloride reacts with the aluminum chloride to form an electropositive CH 3 group.’
    • ‘When an alcohol is reacted with a strongly electropositive metal, such as sodium, the products are hydrogen and a crystalline, ionic salt of the metal, called an alkoxide.’
    • ‘The reaction with any electropositive metal produces the appropriate salt and hydrogen.’
    • ‘A heart-shaped molecular donut, the topoisomerase II dimer boasts an electropositive tunnel, the likely passage point for DNA.’