Definition of electroretinogram in English:



  • A record of the electrical activity of the retina, used in medical diagnosis and research.

    • ‘The electroretinogram is a noninvasive physiologic technique for recording electrical potentials from the retina in response to flashes of light.’
    • ‘Various aspects of the electroretinogram were abnormal in at least half of the cases in at least one eye.’
    • ‘Animals were restrained such that their pleopods were free to generate respiratory currents across the gills, and recordings of the electroretinogram were made from intact eyes of living animals.’
    • ‘The spectral properties of visual pigments can be measured using a variety of methods such as microspectrophotometry, single-cell recordings, and electroretinograms.’
    • ‘We have relied on a two-phase screening strategy that uses visual behavior of young larvae for initial identification, followed by electroretinogram and histological analysis for confirmation.’