Definition of electrostatic units in English:

electrostatic units

plural noun

  • A system of units based primarily on the forces between electric charges.

    • ‘His work on the ratio between the electrodynamic and electrostatic units of charge in 1855 proved extremely important and was crucial to Maxwell in his electromagnetic theory of light.’
    • ‘The technical definition is the amount of X or gamma radiation that produces one electrostatic unit of ionic charge in one cubic centimeter of dry air at standard temperature and pressure.’
    • ‘If an electric force of one unit (one dyne) arises between two equal electric charges one centimetre apart in a vacuum, the amount of each charge is one electrostatic unit, esu, or statcoulomb.’
    • ‘After all, electrostatic units were devised by the early physicists presumably because they were convenient for the results they obtained.’