Definition of electrovalent in English:



  • (of bonding) resulting from electrostatic attraction between positive and negative ions; ionic.

    • ‘Another type of bond that occurs when electrons are transferred between atoms is called an ionic bond (or electrovalent bond).’
    • ‘Scientists also call ionic bonds electrovalent bonds.’
    • ‘The bond that is formed between the two ions is an ionic bond (sometimes also called an electrovalent bond), and the compound produced is an ionic compound.’
    • ‘There are two main types of bonds that hold those atoms together, covalent and electrovalent / ionic bonds.’
    • ‘Or they can just borrow them, and make an ionic bond (also called electrovalent bond).’
    • ‘They are ready to give up those two electrons in electrovalent bonds.’
    • ‘There is one type of bonding called electrovalent bonding where an ion from one atom is transferred to another atom.’


1920s from electro- + -valent, on the pattern of trivalent.