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  • 1The quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style.

    ‘a slender woman with grace and elegance’
    • ‘Next to him, Kitako is the picture of refined country elegance.’
    • ‘You really have to see the spiral wheel turn to appreciate its elegance.’
    • ‘The blond had a classic look to her, with German features, an elegance about her.’
    • ‘You need to be able to lose with elegance.’
    • ‘A shirt with a Chinese collar or high roll-neck, minus necktie, can spell casual elegance.’
    • ‘The Dinka are incapable of doing anything without a poised elegance.’
    • ‘I just couldn't understand why their sense of elegance abandoned them at their feet.’
    • ‘The elegance of refined Shanghai ladies of the first half of last century is long lost.’
    • ‘Enjoy it for its nuances, its refinements, its elegance.’
    • ‘In this one-time bank much of the elegance has been retained.’
    • ‘He was tall and thin, with a commanding presence and hints of elegance.’
    • ‘The quality of the food and wine matches the elegance of the surroundings.’
    • ‘For all their elegance, they are as aware as all great artists that pain is our human lot.’
    • ‘I like to aspire to elegance, but never achieve it.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the gowns don't emanate the same elegance that Armani is so known for.’
    • ‘The lingerie department of Billier's prided itself on the elegance of its offerings.’
    • ‘Victorian elegance is displayed throughout the hotel and gaming areas.’
    • ‘"You sit up so straight, with real elegance."’
    • ‘If ever a gymnast were the picture of elegance, Natalia Lipkovskaya would be that athlete.’
    • ‘These mugs are deceivingly sturdy whilst still giving the appearance of quality and elegance.’
    style, stylishness, grace, gracefulness, smoothness
    neatness, simplicity
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  • 2The quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness.

    ‘the simplicity and elegance of the solution’
    • ‘In his hands highly analytical quantitative biology was streamlined to its essential elegance.’
    • ‘Unlike many such packages, however, the elegance of the presentation in no way overshadows the poetry.’
    • ‘Due to the elegance of the design, most things are immediately obvious.’
    • ‘Indeed elegance is the last thing you might have expected from the opening shots of the film.’
    • ‘What is evident is that his best music has a marvellous elegance.’
    • ‘This film captured the elegance of ancient Chinese martial artistry through inventive cinematic techniques.’
    • ‘These songs ooze sophistication and elegance.’
    • ‘But Lake Iseo has a certain unrestrained elegance too, without the frilly excesses of Stresa or Sirmione.’
    • ‘Simplicity and elegance should be your main guidelines when choosing a ring.’
    • ‘Post and beam construction sought to achieve economy, efficiency, and elegance.’



/ˈeləɡəns/ /ˈɛləɡəns/