Definition of elegancy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈeliɡənsē/ /ˈɛlɪɡənsi/


  • 1Graceful and stylish appearance or manner; elegance.

    • ‘The second was green and almost see-through, its fragile elegancy disturbed only by a shallow circular hole on one side.’
    • ‘We got inside the red-carpeted resort, full of elegancy and expense.’
    • ‘Our vision was to create for our guests a place of inspiration, ‘a home away from home’, combining elegancy, individuality, pleasure and comfort.’
    • ‘Elegancy are timelessness are in the air.’
  • 2Something that is elegant.

    ‘I do hope you will study a little of the proprieties and elegancies of life’
    • ‘Perhaps it was not fair to expect him to feel how very much he was her inferior in talent, and all the elegancies of mind.’
    • ‘The gentlewoman's primary appeal over time came to rest on the ‘elegancies of her person’, and as with any ‘gentlewoman’ in ‘semi-civilized’ society, woe betide her if she should step outside her ‘department.’’
    • ‘With many it is a curious fancy, to dress Easter-eggs in elegant forms and keep as toilet elegancies.’
    • ‘When we were packing up the things to come here, our friends expressed their astonishment at our taking so many of the little elegancies of life.’



/ˈeliɡənsē/ /ˈɛlɪɡənsi/