Definition of elegantly in English:



  • 1In a graceful and stylish manner.

    ‘a handsome, elegantly dressed businessman’
    ‘tendrils of clouds glide elegantly across the sky’
    • ‘Applause builds as she rises slowly, elegantly, to her feet.’
    • ‘I handed her the book and she began to leaf through it, but not before elegantly lighting up a cigarette.’
    • ‘As the weather turns colder, women can dress themselves warmly and elegantly with Coppelia's new collection of autumn and winter clothing.’
    • ‘The dancers move elegantly, gracefully, as they sway and twist their hands to the music.’
    • ‘With his hands crossed, he leant on the wall elegantly and causally.’
    • ‘He wore a plain but elegantly tailored suit.’
    • ‘Bowing elegantly, Zander quietly left the room.’
    • ‘Elegantly draped beds were status symbols of the era.’
    • ‘The soaring interior spaces of the new churches had their counterpart in elegantly designed and purposefully placed sculptures.’
    • ‘The house was elegantly furnished with fine plasterwork and Italian marble fireplaces.’
  • 2In a pleasingly ingenious and simple manner.

    ‘an elegantly phrased argument’
    ‘he has elegantly solved the problem’
    • ‘Kahn's remark elegantly sums up his son Nathaniel's documentary.’
    • ‘The book's design nicely complements its meticulously researched and elegantly written contents.’
    • ‘He elegantly articulates and defends the artist's strategy.’
    • ‘Strategic success has by no means been achieved elegantly and definitively.’
    • ‘Eliza Acton's several recipes are, as usual, elegantly worded and completely precise.’
    • ‘It's a very handy solution which neatly and elegantly avoids the need for a complicated installation program.’
    • ‘The author deals elegantly with the question of sincerity.’
    • ‘Macs happily network with PCs so changeover can be managed elegantly.’
    • ‘In this single shot, the major themes in the movie are simply and elegantly put forward.’
    • ‘His piece on Gilda struck me as a wonderful example of a mode of talking about cinema that one doesn't encounter very often: the elegantly expressed, personal recollection of movie-going.’