Definition of elegize in English:


(British elegise)


[no object]
  • Write in a wistfully mournful way.

    ‘but none, elegized the press, could take his place’
    • ‘Aerial shots of suburban homes and snow-tired pickups paid for with postwar Spam elegize what's soon to be lost.’
    • ‘He makes veiled allusions to Christianity as well as to Chaldaean theurgy, and elegizes over the silence of the oracles.’
    • ‘Her son, Major Robert Gregory, he elegized as embodiment of the artist as man of action.’
    • ‘People have sometimes read its black forms as icons for the penis and testicles of a bull, and, thus, the work as elegizing the loss of virility.’
    • ‘Years afterward he would elegize the obsolescence of the aircraft.’
    • ‘But is it possible to elegize the Gutenberg Age even as we blast into the Gutenberg Galaxy?’
    • ‘A European-American habit of history is to destroy things and then to elegize them, like the memorial to the last passenger pigeon.’
    • ‘Berryman is therefore appealed to as the figure whose achievements in elegising his fellow American poets provide both model and reproof to his counterparts in Australia.’