Definition of elevated in English:



  • 1Situated or placed higher than the surrounding area.

    ‘this hotel has an elevated position above the village’
    ‘the elevated section of the M4’
    • ‘The tomb, situated in an elevated position at the end of a rocky gorge, is a well-preserved architectural and artistic masterpiece.’
    • ‘It is situated in an elevated position on this popular coastal road and enjoys superb views of Dublin Bay and Howth.’
    • ‘It is beautifully situated on an elevated site overlooking the Lee Valley.’
    • ‘A long winding driveway leads to this secluded property, which is situated on elevated ground with spectacular views of surrounding pastureland and magnificent stands of mature timber.’
    • ‘Situated on an elevated rock outcropping 15 km from Kurdjali, it has been regarded as a sacred site for thousands of years.’
    • ‘It is situated on an elevated site with fantastic views of Kinsale Marina, Scilly and the mouth of the harbour and is also within driving distance of Cork city and international airport.’
    • ‘The province is situated within a broad elevated plateau between 1 and 2 km in height, and includes a large region of internal drainage: the Great Basin.’
    • ‘Tullyvale is situated on an elevated site with views over Dublin Bay, Killiney Head and the Dublin Mountains, and is scheduled for completion from autumn of this year.’
    • ‘Situated on an elevated site overlooking the Liffey, the scheme will eventually include 260 three, four and five bedroom properties.’
    • ‘In an elevated position above Rougemont Gardens public park, the castle is hard to miss.’
    • ‘This was situated on the elevated ground close to the banks of the Moy.’
    • ‘Helicopter logging is also almost exclusively downhill, which means that the low impact roads are located in valley bottoms where they are generally visible only from an elevated position.’
    • ‘From our elevated position, in a house that hugged mist-capped Constantia Mountain, we had wonderful views of the city, spectacular sunrises and brief, breathtaking sunsets.’
    • ‘‘Mainly due to its height and elevated position, the tower would be likely to be seen over a wide area, with the sky as a backdrop,’ he said.’
    • ‘From its elevated position on the western edge of the lochside village of St Fillans, the house is a natural viewpoint looking over Loch Earn and the surrounding hills.’
    • ‘People living in Wessex Gardens fear the school building proposed for an elevated position on a tall embankment will totally overwhelm them.’
    • ‘I looked at the city over and over again from elevated positions.’
    • ‘The scene for the ceremony is set at a slightly elevated position on the floor, with African craft decorations all around.’
    • ‘The policemen on duty tried in vain to cover the TV set, which was kept on elevated position, by throwing a piece of cloth on it.’
    • ‘Scientists isolated the disease from swine in a part of Indonesia where pigs are raised underneath elevated wood-slatted platforms that house chickens.’
    raised, upraised, uplifted, lifted up, high up, aloft, aerial, overhead, hoisted
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    1. 1.1(of a level or amount) higher or greater than normal.
      ‘an elevated temperature’
      • ‘This was attributed to the formation of elevated amounts of vesicular structures in the cytosol after exposure to LEF, which was also validated microscopically.’
      • ‘Impulsively, he opened the oak barrier, and, with mouth hanging, he stared with amusement less than ever, and an elevated amount of disgruntlement and disbelief.’
      • ‘We find, in over 95% of these problem slabs, an elevated amount of purposeful air entrainment.’
      • ‘In elevated amounts, however, it can be toxic to tissues.’
      • ‘Abundances of nine taxa varied significantly among transition zones and interiors of benthoscape elements, most with elevated abundances in transition zones.’
      • ‘The simple fact of the matter is after 36 elevated samples ATP simply stopped counting.’
      • ‘These physiological measurements showed that thermal Agrostis scabra species had superior tolerance to elevated soil temperatures.’
      • ‘Overwhelmingly, the cause of bleaching is solar irradiation and elevated sea water temperatures - both events linked to global warming.’
      • ‘The infection causes a flu like sickness with elevated temperature, aches and pains, severe night sweats all leading to fatigue or exhaustion.’
      • ‘Water replenishes the body's cooling system, enabling it to survive sweltering heat or elevated body temperature due to exercise.’
      • ‘I have a sensation of an elevated temperature and a dry cough.’
      • ‘Not a raging fever by any means, but definitely an elevated temperature.’
      • ‘Fecundity is affected mainly by the time that lizards experience suitably elevated body temperatures that maximize the net rate of energy assimilation.’
      • ‘An example of a thermochemical process for producing fuels using solar power involves thermally reducing a metal oxide at elevated temperatures using concentrated solar energy.’
      • ‘Conditions that promote hyphal growth in the laboratory include growth at elevated temperature in medium containing special components.’
      • ‘In a previous study Swan found that women who drank tap water with elevated levels of certain chlorination by-products had higher miscarriage rates.’
      • ‘Although using Ecstasy has decreased for the first time since 1991 and its use perceived as a greater risk by the students, the rates of heavy or binge drinking have not declined and remain at an elevated level.’
      • ‘The scientists who work for the United Nations have done some field study, and they have advised that at least eight sites be closed off because of elevated radiation levels.’
      • ‘Brisk walking for 30 to 45 minutes, swimming, jogging - all utilise blood sugar and help reduce elevated sugar levels.’
      • ‘In Stubbs' case, his condition was discovered after some adverse results from a routine drugs test showed unusually elevated hormone levels.’
    2. 1.2Of a high intellectual or moral level.
      ‘the elevated canon of great literary texts’
      • ‘If you feel you've been banned unfairly, just drop me a note and if you promise to keep the debate at a more elevated level, I'll be happy to unban you.’
      lofty, exalted, high, grand, fine, sublime
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    3. 1.3Having a high rank or social standing.
      ‘these parish gentry were conscious of their elevated status’
      • ‘In other words, it was the adoption or civilization process-by degrees-that advanced the adoptees to their elevated social ranks.’
      • ‘His elevated social status allowed him to speak out on issues in exactly the way that he saw fit, no matter what the consequences.’
      • ‘In this way they participated in the long European tradition of commissioning portraits to commemorate themselves and to declare their elevated social status.’
      • ‘The Di Fiore family is likewise desperate as they watch their once opulent estate crumble around them and fear their elevated social status hangs in the balance.’
      • ‘The ultimate goal of any aggressive encounter is to obtain an elevated social status that confers an advantage to an individual in obtaining a resource.’
      • ‘Thus ownership of such objects suggested one's elevated social status.’
      • ‘They are seen (because they are) as corrupt officials using their elevated social status for political gain.’
      • ‘As you can probably guess, I took it and have been enjoying my slightly elevated standing for the last few days.’
      • ‘And while an elevated status would benefit practitioners, a coterie of design specialists may not be the best condition for culture or society.’
      • ‘Neither had immediate ambitions beyond retaining their elevated status and, with two weeks of the season remaining, both entered this game with that objective comfortably secured.’
      • ‘In the two years since its foundation the club has made huge strides and is now one of the leading units of the organisation in the country, he added, saying it should be proud of its elevated status.’
      • ‘Alin was more rural town than city, but its strategic position may perhaps explain its elevated standing in the eyes of those who dwelt, soldiered, and plied commerce in the north of Brand.’
      • ‘By completing these courses or seminars, a citizen reporter could then receive some sort of elevated status when posting.’
      • ‘If not for me, you never would have fallen into such an elevated status.’
      • ‘Anyway, I know the mayor, despite his elevated status, is still happy to live in King William's Town.’
      • ‘This elevated status doesn't stop Clare from patronising her.’
      • ‘The man who once used to enjoy an elevated status in society only because he owned a ration shop is now overpowered by desperation.’
      • ‘That is not to say that he has missed out on the benefits provided by the elevated status now accorded to chefs.’
      • ‘If national sides and the World Cup can resist the forces of avarice, however, then football can come to occupy a new and even more elevated position in the global imagination.’
      • ‘If anyone can help to reawaken people's interest and support in Christianity, our new archbishop certainly can - and I wish him well in his new and elevated position.’
      dignified, grand, lofty, noble, eminent, exalted, revered, august, great, high, higher, high up, higher up, superior
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