Definition of eleventy in English:


cardinal number

  • A large but unspecified number or quantity (often used in combination with another large number)

    ‘an eleventy billion dollar contract’
    ‘there were about eleventy other things I would've liked to order’
    ‘he's eleventy feet tall’
    • ‘He'd have to give up training eleventy hundred hours a week.’
    • ‘I shall round up the kids and fight against the harsh wintery gale sending sleet and icicles down our backs as we trudge eleventy hundred miles home again.’
    • ‘Janitors don't make eleventy million dollars to make pretend for a living and be loved by half the world.’
    • ‘All these vicious practices are clearly costing the TV industry eleventy squillion dollars per minute and should be outlawed at once!’
    • ‘He just pulled in eleventy zillion bucks from enthusiasts for his blog.’
    • ‘"All the experts" agree that I should be paid eleventy bajillion dollars.’
    • ‘They do have about eleventy billion casinos in the UK, but those are on a much, much smaller scale.’
    • ‘They'll just figure out how to mass produce the protein, patent it, give it an inscrutable name and sell it for eleventy billion dollars a bottle.’
    • ‘At least eleventy billion people told me they personally saw him take money from coaches.’
    • ‘People usually want obvious inclusions everyone has read about eleventy billion times.’
    • ‘They have tried about a dozen times to list some accomplishments she had, but all they can come up with is she traveled eleventy gazallion miles.’
    • ‘If you have been following the Vikings for the past few decades, I shouldn't need to tell you that Minnesota has fallen prey to the big screen pass roughly eleventy kajillion times.’
    • ‘That's not including any of the eleventy consoles I've owned over the years.’
    numerous, a good deal of, a great deal of, a lot of, a great number of, a large number of, great quantities of, plenty of, countless, innumerable, scores of, crowds of, droves of, an army of, a horde of, a multitude of, a multiplicity of, multitudinous, numberless, multiple, untold


Mid 19th century from eleven + -ty, popularized by the British author J. R. R. Tolkien with the meaning ‘one hundred and ten’.