Definition of elevon in English:



  • The movable part of the trailing edge of a delta wing.

    ‘The F - 117A has four elevons on the inboard and outboard trailing edge of the wing.’
    • ‘A large elevon is clearly visible at the mid-section of each trailing edge.’
    • ‘At 13.5 seconds after release and at an altitude of approximately 22,000 ft., structural overload of the starboard elevon occurred.’
    • ‘In supersonic flight, moving the elevons alone doesn't provide enough control; in those conditions, Melvill said, ‘you can no longer move the stick, it's like it's welded to the airplane.’’
    • ‘The actuators move the vehicle's rudder, speed brake, elevons and main engines during flight.’



/ˈeləˌvän/ /ˈɛləˌvɑn/


1940s blend of elevator and aileron (because the elevon combines the functions of both).