Definition of elicitation in English:



See elicit

  • ‘The elicitation of such norms of behaviour is likely to have considerable overlap with questions about attitudes and beliefs, since norms and values can be construed as having elements of both.’
  • ‘Development of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ finger signals, independent of conscious volition, can occur quickly and allows for the elicitation of deeper, less conscious responses.’
  • ‘It seems that the elicitation of responses under these conditions is mediated by an alleviation of the effects of negative attentional processing (reflected in distracting worries or negative thoughts).’
  • ‘Schempp et al. demonstrated that exposure to 5% saltwater led to a decrease in the threshold level for the elicitation of UV-B-induced erythema and an increase in the erythemal response.’
  • ‘And the elicitation of subjective arousal might be correlated with the sensitivity of the sexual system and test arousability.’