Definition of elicitor in English:


Pronunciation /-tər/


See elicit

‘An increase of two signal molecules, generated by the host cell, is typically induced by the invading pathogen or by elicitors (oxidative and nitrosative burst, respectively).’
  • ‘SA-treatment inhibits wound- and JA-induced responses in the same plant, and application of JA partially reduced the efficacy of chemical ISR elicitors.’
  • ‘Plasma membrane-bound NAD H oxidases are widely accepted as responsible for reactive oxygen species production in the regulation of defence strategies upon infection with pathogens or stimulation by elicitors.’
  • ‘Two possible causes can be conceived to explain the discrepancy, i.e., difference in the elicitors (introgression vs. tissue culture or ray irradiation) and difference in host genotypes.’
  • ‘In response to various stimuli, such as elicitors of defence reaction or osmotic stresses, intracellular pH (pH i) decreases as extracellular pH (pH e) increases.’