Definition of eliminationist in English:



  • Denoting or relating to the belief or policy that a particular group of people should be expelled or eradicated.

    ‘their eliminationist rhetoric’
    • ‘Our leaders seem to have laid the grounds for a virulent eliminationist ideology.’
    • ‘The new system is eliminationist and aims to make whole categories of people disappear.’
    • ‘This particular type of rhetoric using violent imagery, Nazi and terrorist comparisons, and revolting physical descriptions, can only be described as eliminationist.’
    • ‘There is a uniquely murderous, indeed "eliminationist" form of antisemitism alive in this world and we seem utterly determined to turn our faces away from it.’
    • ‘While the left has plenty of people who cannot be called angels, it's the right that makes a profit at this violent, eliminationist discourse.’
    • ‘Legal bans, eliminationist campaigns, and censorship are the means of subordinating effeminacy that refuses to know its place.’


  • An advocate or supporter of the belief or policy that a particular group of people should be expelled or eradicated.

    ‘she's a racist and an eliminationist’
    • ‘If past conferences are any guide, this one shouldn't disappoint even the staunchest eliminationist.’
    • ‘The rise of the eliminationists is unique to modernity, however.’
    • ‘Reporters have been fired, celebrities have deleted tweets, and mainstream media have changed headlines, all to assuage the tender feelings of the eliminationists.’
    • ‘They were eliminationists who simply drew the line at murder.’
    • ‘He has documented how these racists and eliminationists are given permission by mainstream figures to let their bigot flag fly.’
    • ‘The idea that questions of nationality and citizenship could be solved by brutal population elimination inspired a generation of the most toxic extremists or eliminationists.’