Definition of elkhorn coral in English:

elkhorn coral


  • A coral with sturdy branches likened to antlers, found in shallow waters throughout the Caribbean.

    Acropora palmata, order Scleractinia

    • ‘Its victim is the elkhorn coral, an important Caribbean species that provides most of the reef structure in shallow water.’
    • ‘The same disease had eliminated the elkhorn coral which should form a natural breakwater for Caribbean shores.’
    • ‘Although later research showed it to be contagious, white pox appears to strike only one kind of coral - ‘the magnificent branching elkhorn coral,’ known as the ‘giant redwoods of the reef,’ said Porter.’
    • ‘White pox has nearly wiped out hornlike elkhorn coral in some reefs in the Caribbean and elsewhere.’
    • ‘The team's research emphasis is on Acropora palmata, or elkhorn coral, a major reef-building coral.’


elkhorn coral