Definition of ellipticity in English:



  • 1The condition of being elliptic.

    ‘We suggest that the decrease in the enthalpy and loss of ellipticity are caused by the loss of approximately four helical turns of coiled coil that correspond to the N-terminal TM portion of the peptide.’
    • ‘The increase in the CD signal corresponded to a time-dependent decrease in ellipticity at a wavelength typical for [alpha] helical signals.’
    • ‘The enthalpy ([Delta] H) and entropy ([Delta] S) of folding for the tropomyosin and troponin T peptides were determined from the change in ellipticity as previously described.’
    • ‘It is not exactly the same face because of the tilt of the Moon's rotational axis to its orbital plane around Earth, and the slight ellipticity of that orbit (the position of the observer on Earth also has a slight effect).’
    1. 1.1The degree of deviation from circularity (or sphericity).



/ēˌlipˈtisədē/ /iˌlɪpˈtɪsədi/ /eˌlipˈtisədē/ /ɛˌlɪpˈtɪsədi/