Definition of elocutionary in English:



See elocution

  • ‘The pure work implies the elocutionary disappearance of the poet.’
  • ‘It is discourse stripped of meaning, an elocutionary fragment that represents a form of expression that, at that time, was already referred to as ‘trance, hypnotic, or intentionless’ music.’
  • ‘The elocutionary movement that pervaded both academic and popular spheres of nineteenth-century rhetorical life actually began some decades before, in the latter half of the eighteenth century.’
  • ‘Its relatively stable set of themes, motifs, generic forms, and elocutionary devices invites an inclusive study that, Gordon Braden rightly notes, eludes our grasp.’
  • ‘Just as a paradigm of mechanical prescriptivism took hold of the elocutionary movement in the nineteenth century, so too did it pervade instruction in handwriting.’