Definition of elopement in English:



See elope

  • ‘While genuine elopements are now rare, the local registry office, which charges £148 for a marriage licence, now injects around £500,000 a year into the local economy.’
  • ‘But true love was never all excuse for an unapproved marriage, and elopements frequently caused heartache and family break-up, particularly in aristocratic circles.’
  • ‘The Bertram sisters' elopements are the result of the flirtations that occur during rehearsals for amateur theatricals at Mansfield Park.’
  • ‘However, at the end of the 1960s, elopements started to increase.’
  • ‘Written in 1909 from his father's Dublin house during the couple's first separation since their elopement, the content is remarkable given Joyce's known distaste for spoken obscenity.’