Definition of Elul in English:



  • (in the Jewish calendar) the twelfth month of the civil and sixth of the religious year, usually coinciding with parts of August and September.

    • ‘Amazingly, the attack on ‘three great walls ‘occurred on the 23rd day of the sixth Jewish month, Elul.’
    • ‘There is a special custom during this Jewish month of Elul to blow the Shofar every morning in the synagogue.’
    • ‘This unprecedented Olympian comeback just happened to occur on the first day of the lunar month of Elul, the very beginning of the sacred period for introspection and repentance in preparation for Rosh Hashana.’
    • ‘We spend the month of Elul preparing for Rosh Hashana.’
    • ‘As we continue in the month of Elul and approach the Yom Hadin of Rosh Hashana, we must work on the concept of Ivd Et Hashem Besimcha, serving Hashem with joy, and do each commandment with a feeling of love and closeness to Hashem.’
    • ‘It is Rosh Chodesh of Elul, a month to Rosh Hashanah.’
    • ‘This is the Hebrew month of Elul, which in Hebrew forms an acrostic for the words: ‘I am my Beloved's, and my Beloved is mine.’’
    • ‘The month of Elul, which leads up to the Yamim Noraim, is characterized by the Pasuk, Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li, ‘I am for my lover, and my lover is for me.’’
    • ‘After all, the month of Elul and the Ten Days of Repentance are the prime time for regret and its productive offspring: repentance.’
    • ‘It is the beginning of the month of Elul, the period of introspection leading up to the High Holidays.’
    • ‘In this month of Elul we must try and find that evil potential inside of us and disarm it and not let it take control of our lives.’
    • ‘God in His infinite mercy gave us the entire month of Elul to repent, but we failed to take advantage of it.’
    • ‘One possible answer is that we read this Parsha during the month of Elul, a time for Teshuva.’
    • ‘The Sages say that the Hebrew letters of the word Elul, form an acrostic for the verse in Song of Songs: I am devoted to my Lover and He is devoted to me.’
    • ‘A full year has passed since Tuesday the 23rd of Elul 5761, one week before last Rosh Hashana.’
    • ‘The fate of the entire community was held in abeyance in the following weeks until Moses was invited once again to ascend the mount on the first day of Elul.’


From Hebrew ’ĕlūl.



/ˈiːlʌl/ /ˈɛlʌl/