Definition of elusively in English:



See elusive

  • ‘I can understand hitting the sales with commando-like precision if you've wanted a particular item all your life while it remained elusively unaffordable - until suddenly it appears on offer with 70% off.’
  • ‘He always ducks the obvious, loud, self-aggrandizing statement in favor of the quiet, inquisitive, other-focused, elusively self-concealing statement.’
  • ‘It is deservedly a classic - a most gorgeously written, elusively elegiac, delicate evocation of a vanished way of life, and an almost vanished way of thinking and being in the world.’
  • ‘Pumpkin, often an elusively subtle taste, is delightfully dominant in the thick Caribbean pumpkin soup.’
  • ‘‘I get a lot done,’ Michel says elusively from a Winnipeg hotel room.’