Definition of elusiveness in English:



See elusive

  • ‘Rather than act as a detraction, the film's deliberate elusiveness is precisely what makes it boldly unique.’
  • ‘These are heady moments for readers accustomed to Fitzgerald's usual elusiveness, deflection, or silence about herself.’
  • ‘And it is that elusiveness that is not just threatening to play havoc with his reputation but leading many people in the athletics world to question openly the legitimacy of his diet.’
  • ‘Williams had threatened to turn the contest on its head all afternoon but his first try, when it came on the half hour, was one which owed more to his pace and opportunism than any wiles or elusiveness.’
  • ‘A Month in the Country is a complex little book, with things to say about organised religion and the persecution of those who are different, and the elusiveness of love.’