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intransitive verb

[no object]emanate from
  • 1(of something abstract but perceptible) issue or spread out from (a source)

    ‘warmth emanated from the fireplace’
    • ‘she felt an undeniable charm emanating from him’
    emerge, flow, pour, proceed, issue, ensue, come out, come forth, spread out, come
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    1. 1.1Originate from; be produced by.
      • ‘the proposals emanated from a committee’
      originate from, have its origins in, derive from, arise from, stem from, emanate from, proceed from, start from, issue from, evolve from, come from
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    2. 1.2with object Give out or emit (something abstract but perceptible)
      • ‘he emanated a powerful brooding air’
      exude, give off, give out, send out, send forth, pour out, throw out, spread, discharge, disgorge, emit, exhale, radiate
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/ˈeməˌnāt/ /ˈɛməˌneɪt/


Mid 18th century from Latin emanat- ‘flowed out’, from the verb emanare, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out’ + manare ‘to flow’.