Definition of emancipist in English:



  • A convict who has served out their sentence or has been pardoned.

    ‘he married the daughter of a wealthy emancipist’
    • ‘Self-conscious of his native-born status and his parents' emancipist background, he strove to express poetically the voice of the new country.’
    • ‘The free settlers in this area were the leading opponents of his favouring of the emancipist cause.’
    • ‘An emancipist sawyer who previously murdered three people violently beat to death his lover.’
    • ‘The status of the emancipist was one already hotly contested.’
    • ‘He was a staunch opponent of both emancipist rights and convict privileges.’
    • ‘He was one of twenty most important emancipist landholders next in New South Wales.’
    • ‘The early squatters relied on convicts and emancipists to provide the labour on their stations.’
    • ‘He had marked himself out as a man with dangerously liberal ideas, a supporter of convicts and emancipists.’
    • ‘By his defence of the emancipists, he had awakened a political instinct among the people of Sydney and become their hero.’
    • ‘He was popular with the emancipists and had no difficulty with his assigned convicts.’


Early 19th century from Latin emancipare ‘transfer as property’ + -ist (see emancipate).