Definition of emasculation in English:



See emasculate

  • ‘That is why Germany encouraged its ally to take action against the Serbs in 1914, because a failure to take action would mean further emasculation of the Hapsburg Empire, rendering the Germans even more vulnerable.’
  • ‘How is one to explain Europe's obsession with the United Nations on the one hand, and its emasculation of the principles on which that organization was founded?’
  • ‘Either way, I'd had enough of witnessing the destruction of my working class heritage, watching it being stripped of its dignity and worst of all, colluding in its own emasculation.’
  • ‘The support group for testicular cancer survivors portends the emasculation our society has embraced, wept over, and become addicted to.’
  • ‘The research programme has been looking at the timing and the dose rate, the assessment of the damage caused by emasculation and the possible damage to the female parts of the plant.’