Definition of embalmer in English:


Pronunciation /ɪmˈbɑːmə/ /ɛmˈbɑːmə/


See embalm

  • ‘This all fits with Jessica Mitford's contention in The American Way of Death that thanks to professional embalmers, funeral homes and crematoria, death in modern times has become increasingly remote and sanitised.’
  • ‘However, this part of the team believes it also possible, although less likely, that this fracture was caused by the embalmers.’
  • ‘Sadly, some deaths are in tragic circumstances and while embalmers are very skilled, they cannot rebuild a person.’
  • ‘When ‘the big boys’ took over in 1989 she decided to leave and started working as a trade embalmer travelling the country to carry out the task for undertakers who did not have their own staff.’
  • ‘But, while it is well known that the dead admiral's body was pickled in brandy on board the Victory to allow a state funeral, it has emerged that his embalmer was Mary Buick, a woman seafarer from Dundee.’



/ɪmˈbɑːmə/ /ɛmˈbɑːmə/