Definition of embarkation in English:



See embark

  • ‘As embarkations continue to grow, the city is considering a plan to construct a new passenger terminal at an estimated cost of $35 million.’
  • ‘Increasingly, though, cruise lines are taking on the responsibility of providing a pleasant shoreside environment for embarkation, and in many cases are creating their own purpose-built terminals.’
  • ‘Written shortly after she saw the troops march through Sydney prior to their embarkation for the Middle East, the poem recalls the young men who used to visit her for afternoon tea in her flat in King's Cross.’
  • ‘The news agency did not mention the refugees' port of embarkation or whether police authorities detained any crew members from the boat attempting to smuggle the refugees into Australia.’
  • ‘Upon embarkation, an account is automatically set up for the passengers to which most shipboard services may be signed and charged.’