Definition of embay in English:



[with object]
  • 1(of the wind) force (a boat) into a bay.

    ‘ships were embayed between two headlands’
  • 2Geology
    Enclose (something) in a recess or hollow.

    • ‘These landslides were embayed by the lava that flooded the central caldera floor.’
    • ‘This landslide material was then embayed by lava when the central caldera was flooded.’
    • ‘The great escarpment is embayed by major valleys, and a belt of mountains lies between it and the coastal plain.’
    • ‘However, the increased abundance of monazite in Zones III, IV and V relative to Zone I and its occurrence in clusters rather than as embayed grains arc suggestive of new growth.’
    • ‘Some quartz phenocrysts are very irregular in form, strongly corroded and embayed, others are idiomorphic with bipyramidal habit.’



/ɪmˈbeɪ/ /ɛmˈbeɪ/