Definition of embeddedness in English:


(also imbeddedness)

Pronunciation /ɪmˈbɛdɪdnəs/ /ɛmˈbɛdɪdnəs/


mass noun
  • The quality of being firmly and deeply ingrained or fixed in place.

    ‘the cultural embeddedness of economic and political practices’
    • ‘They revealed a mutual embeddedness of social history and art where the one could not be fully comprehended without the other.’
    • ‘The relevant historical materials suggest that this emergence derived from the deep embeddedness of survey photography in an instrumental matrix of graphic disciplines.’
    • ‘This model of media production work neglects in particular the social embeddedness of meaning.’
    • ‘In the villages, faith has a more intrinsic imbeddedness.’
    • ‘She evinces a close attention to visual prosody: the look of texts on the page and their necessary imbeddedness in the materiality of that page through details like size, cut, color, and watermark.’
    • ‘Under a microscope, it definitely shows imbeddedness into the base.’
    • ‘He calls such a symbiotic relationship of cultural and technical dynamics a "communications environment" to underscore the social embeddedness of the technology.’
    • ‘Just in terms of the embeddedness, culture for me is not really something separate.’
    • ‘The forum consists of a series of cultural inquiries into science and technology but not in the sense of either interrogating the cultural consequences of technology or highlighting the cultural embeddedness of science.’
    • ‘This article explores the relationship between embeddedness and technology-oriented functions among three types of subsidiaries and for four cities.’



/ɪmˈbɛdɪdnəs/ /ɛmˈbɛdɪdnəs/