Definition of Embioptera in English:


plural noun

  • A small order of insects that comprises the web-spinners.

    • ‘Despite the existence of some Neoptera in the Carboniferous (Blattaria, Orthoptera), it is highly unlikely that Dermaptera, Embioptera, Zoraptera, and ‘higher’ orders in the Neoptera would be any older than Upper Permian.’
    • ‘A small brown insect that I first thought might be some type of Plecoptera or Neuroptera quickly revealed itself to be a webspinner (Embioptera).’
    • ‘Embioptera (present-day webspinners) originated in the Carboniferous.’
    • ‘Significant differences between the two workers concern the position of the Embioptera [a basal neopteran group to Hennig, near the Plecoptera to Rohdendorf], and of the Plecoptera (of uncertain affinities to Hennig).’


Modern Latin (plural), from Embia (genus name) + Greek pteron ‘wing’.