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with object and adverbial of place
  • 1Conspicuously inscribe or display a design on.

    ‘T-shirts emblazoned with the names of baseball teams’
    • ‘Both were emblazoned with an intricate design.’
    • ‘And the design wouldn't be emblazoned with that common look.’
    • ‘Our new building will be emblazoned with our logo, so they'll know now.’
    • ‘And Keighley Town Council last week agreed to spend £750 to help buy two new kits, which will be emblazoned with its logo.’
    • ‘Easy to spot, the new buses sport distinctive purple livery and are emblazoned with The Deep logo, setting them apart from other city bus services.’
    • ‘The eco friendly bag is emblazoned with the Westport Tourism logo and is designed to help promote the town.’
    • ‘Not a single piece is emblazoned with a company logo.’
    • ‘It didn't have any identification on it, unlike most satellites which were emblazoned with the logos of their proprietors.’
    • ‘Every Wednesday night the Men United members, sporting T-shirts and baseball caps emblazoned with their logo, go to street corners to convince young black men there's an alternative to drugs and crime.’
    • ‘They were all dressed in the trademark tracksuit and baseball cap, emblazoned with sportswear logos etc. - the sort you can see here any day of the week.’
    • ‘Under that jacket is a full-body wetsuit emblazoned with the SeaWorld logo.’
    • ‘Most of them wore T-shirts emblazoned with Army logos, but at least one was still wearing his uniform.’
    • ‘And at first I thought that it would be good to get some T-shirts emblazoned with the Underground logo.’
    • ‘You might have already seen it, a gleaming new car emblazoned with Knights logos driving around the district.’
    • ‘Cars emblazoned with the logos of art magazines were lodged in a central train yard.’
    • ‘But after he showers, he sheds his Robinson jersey, donning instead a shirt emblazoned with the logo of Sal's Famous Pizzeria.’
    • ‘The bezel is constructed from brushed aluminium and emblazoned with the Coolermaster logo on both the bottom left of the bezel as well as the diamond logo on the tray front.’
    • ‘Packaged in a slick, silver and green aluminium bottle and emblazoned with a catchy logo, it advertised itself as a blonde ale flavoured with absinthe.’
    • ‘They wear tan pants and white shirts emblazoned with the same logo as the car's side; a yellow tower inside a green wreath.’
    • ‘Another enthusiast is lurking on one of the platforms, wearing a quilted jacked emblazoned with an Express logo.’
    adorn, decorate, ornament, embellish, illuminate
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    1. 1.1Depict (a heraldic device) on something.
      ‘the cardinal's coat of arms is emblazoned on the door panel’
      • ‘Devices were emblazoned on coaches, and also in the home.’
      • ‘Large numbers of standards, banners, streamers, and other heraldic devices emblazoned with Spanish and English regalia were commissioned for the occasion, and the public celebrations were lavish and a spectacular success.’
      • ‘The Archipelago's coat of arms was emblazoned upon the main entrance below a legend which read ‘Welcome to Skybury.’’
      • ‘While in Spain he met King Ferdinand in Valladolid, and his letters show his great concern about suitable gifts for his Medici patrons, among which was a fine musical instrument emblazoned with Medici devices.’
      • ‘The Valkyrie Unit emblem was emblazoned on his right shoulder and little else for visual insignias were shown.’
      display, depict, exhibit, show, present
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    2. 1.2 archaic Celebrate or extol publicly.
      • ‘their success was emblazoned’
      praise, applaud, cheer, commend, express approval of, approve, express admiration for, welcome, pay tribute to, speak highly of, eulogize, compliment, congratulate, celebrate, sing the praises of, praise to the skies, rave about, go into raptures about, go into raptures over, heap praise on, wax lyrical about, say nice things about, make much of, pat on the back, take one's hat off to, salute, throw bouquets at, lionize, exalt, admire, hail, toast, flatter, adulate, vaunt, extol, glorify, honour, hymn, clap
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/əmˈblāz(ə)n/ /əmˈbleɪz(ə)n/ /emˈblāz(ə)n/ /ɛmˈbleɪz(ə)n/