Definition of emblematize in English:


(British emblematise)


[with object]formal
  • Serve as a symbol of (a quality or concept)

    ‘the poet sees her lover in terms that emblematize both beauty and poetic skill’
    • ‘The prison cell thus becomes an appropriate symbol of Jesus's nihilistic perspective, a space which emblematizes Jesus's complete negation of the society that has sought to destroy and negate him.’
    • ‘He distinguishes three phases, designating them after the programmatic conceit which serves in each case to emblematize the unity of purpose conjoining the individuals depicted.’
    • ‘However, this image is rather like the shoe-stand carved out of the rubble: it emblematizes something not meant to last.’
    • ‘Passing cars repeatedly force him to squeeze to the edge of the road, as if emblematizing his outsiderness.’
    • ‘This statement emblematizes the discursive structure of Jazz: If we are mindful of its narrative design, it can take us not only where we want to go today, but where we might need to go tomorrow - in the future, as we read and reread.’
    symbolize, be symbolic of, represent, stand for, be emblematic of