Definition of embourgeoisement in English:



  • The proliferation in a society of values perceived as characteristic of the middle class, especially of materialism.

    • ‘Thus such features as wider home ownership, affluence, and the embourgeoisement of the working class are not necessarily electorally adverse; democratic socialist parties can still thrive in prosperous societies.’
    • ‘The embourgeoisement of the working class, object of many well-funded studies, did not prevent workers from staging militant strikes in 1960-3 and, more widely, in the late 1960s.’
    • ‘In most parts of Central and Eastern Europe, the process of embourgeoisement of society remained severely curtailed.’
    • ‘Even our soaps, once the repository of working-class stories, have undergone a process of embourgeoisement.’
    • ‘Others have found it more problematical because of its links with theories of embourgeoisement and the role of the labour aristocracy.’


1930s French, from embourgeoiser ‘become or make bourgeois’.



/ɒ̃ˈbʊəʒwɑːzmɒ̃/ /ɑ̃buʀʒwazmɑ̃/