Definition of embraceable in English:



See embrace

‘But don't be tempted to neglect quality time with your best friend - that embraceable, irreplaceable inner you.’
  • ‘For the children, nature in all its violence is embraceable, a fact of life.’
  • ‘To create a similar aura, he crafted his latest recording, Shine, around four songs that would be, as he puts it, ‘universally embraceable, ‘with the other songs being basically ‘snapshots.’’
  • ‘Moving the setting up a decade was a way of establishing the film as a modern, second generation of its type, while keeping the story still firmly ensconced in a distant enough American past that its simple faith might remain embraceable.’
  • ‘‘Dumpling’ is a term of affection in English, when used as a metaphor of tenderness for someone embraceable and sweet.’