Definition of embryo sac in English:

embryo sac


  • A cell inside the ovule of a flowering plant where fertilization occurs and which becomes the female gametophyte, containing the endosperm nucleus and the fertilized ovum that develops into the embryo.

    • ‘During pollination, the vegetative cell serves as a ‘powerhouse’ to deliver the generative cells to the embryo sac (female gametophyte).’
    • ‘Gametophytic apomixis can result from diplospory, in which the unreduced embryo sac originates from a generative cell, or apospory, in which the embryo sac develops from somatic cells of the ovule.’
    • ‘The sporogenous cells of the ovary lead to the production of the female gametophyte or embryo sac that contains the egg cell.’
    • ‘Moreover, within an embryo sac, endosperm nuclei were always of the same size, with no typical chalazal cyst formed in endosperms with three or more syncytial mitoses.’
    • ‘The resulting unreduced megaspore then develops through mitoses into an embryo sac that contains unreduced nuclei.’