Definition of embryogenic in English:




See embryogenesis

  • ‘The large body of previous tissue culture experiments emphasized the pivotal role of auxin-activated cell division in induction of an embryogenic state in cultured somatic cells.’
  • ‘Furthermore, both embryogenic cell lines growing on maturation medium with either added ACC or ethylene exhibited a brown colour in contrast to those growing on the control medium.’
  • ‘This hypothesis is further supported by the fact that proteolytic genes are activated prior to cell division-related genes during acquisition of embryogenic potential in somatic embryogenesis.’
  • ‘Total phenolics and tannins evolved in a similar way during tissue culture, irrespective of genotype and embryogenic capacity.’
  • ‘Efficient tools for the regeneration of plants via somatic embryogenesis and genetic transformation of embryogenic cells using Agrobacterium are available for different varieties of grape.’