Definition of embryological in English:



See embryology

  • ‘Increasing evidence has emerged for the role of complex genetic architecture in regulating the ontogenetic development of embryological phenotypes and, ultimately, shaping the evolutionary process of organismic form.’
  • ‘Balfour's approach was based firmly on homology of the germ layers and the ability of embryological homology to reveal phylogenetic relationships.’
  • ‘With spectral analysis, we also evaluated several major hypotheses of deuterostome phylogeny that support for Darwinian evolution is based on the work of another 19th century embryologist, Karl von Baer.’
  • ‘If this embryological sequence recapitulates phylogeny, hexactinellid sponges may be seen to have evolved from conventional sponges, and syncytial tissues are not a primitive trait in the Metazoa.’
  • ‘If we say that two structures are homologous, do we mean they are created from the same gene products, the same regulatory sequences, the same embryological cell lines, or something else?’