Definition of embryologically in English:



See embryology

  • ‘The intervertebral discs develop embryologically from both the mesenchyme (the annulus fibrosus) and the notochord (the nucleus pulposus).’
  • ‘Traditionally, the exocrine and endocrine components of the pancreas have been viewed as distinct morphologically, embryologically, and functionally, to the extent that most authors have addressed only one component or the other.’
  • ‘The right subclavian arises, embryologically, as the distal or last branch of the aortic arch when the right aortic arch remains intact and the normal root of the subclavian artery has become obliterated.’
  • ‘Nevertheless, there is no reason to doubt that such cells could occur in other anatomic sites, especially those that, like the liver, are embryologically linked to the fetal gut.’
  • ‘Choroid plexus is embryologically related to ependyma.’