Definition of embryologist in English:



See embryology

  • ‘Later, Wells claimed that the embryological support for Darwinian evolution is based on the work of another 19th century embryologist, Karl von Baer.’
  • ‘Together various geneticists, systematists, paleontologists, embryologists, and botanists forged what came to be called the modern or evolutionary synthesis.’
  • ‘So the errors in them may reflect my ignorance of the fact that German embryologists in Haeckel's own day recognized his fabrications.’
  • ‘Many physiologists agreed with Boston embryologist Charles Minot that organisms were illusory, and that life and death could be defined only at the cellular level.’
  • ‘When preformation was the order of the day, embryologists had the easiest job in biology - if the embryo did nothing but grow, the study of development required no more than watching and waiting.’