Definition of embryonically in English:



See embryonic

  • ‘She had wept, curling embryonically under the duvet, hoping it would cover the nakedness of her flesh and her pain.’
  • ‘The whole point of such a search rests on the assumption that evolution will inevitably tease out the potential for intelligence already lurking, however embryonically, in the prebiotic chemical soup of other life-bearing planets.’
  • ‘Because legs develop embryonically and wings develop late in larval life in Tribolium, we have focused on assessing the role of Drosophila appendage allocation genes in leg development rather than wing development.’
  • ‘And if it is true that the mission of the child in the order of salvation is to embody, embryonically, the completion of the Christian life, then why are we so confused and conflicted in relation to our obligations to our young?’
  • ‘Plants also have an unusually high potential to modify their developmental programmes in response to sugar availability, as much of plant development occurs post-embryonically, rather than embryonically as in animals.’