Definition of emergency exit in English:

emergency exit


  • A designated way out of a building or vehicle, to be used for escape in the event of an emergency.

    ‘on the plane, I was extremely fortunate to be seated directly in front of an emergency exit’
    • ‘The spokesman urged residents not to park in places which would obstruct fire hydrants, fire exits or emergency exit routes.’
    • ‘We are at the end of the hallway on the second floor, just feet from the emergency exit.’
    • ‘My desk was tucked away in a corner, next to the emergency exit.’
    • ‘A second suspect had opened the emergency exit at the back of the bus.’
    • ‘There she was, standing by the emergency exit doors with two of her friends.’
    • ‘There was an emergency exit stairway that she was able to run up.’
    • ‘A Briton who attacked two flight attendants in a drunken rage tried to open the plane's emergency exits mid-flight.’
    • ‘It is up to the parents to unite to force schools to provide at least basic facilities such as emergency exits.’
    • ‘It wasn't long after take off from Shenzen when the emergency exit warning light began to flash.’
    • ‘Conditions were so bad one person smashed open an emergency exit to let in some air because guards would not open the doors.’