Definition of emergency medical technician in English:

emergency medical technician

(also EMT)


  • A person who is specially trained and certified to administer basic emergency services to victims of trauma or acute illness before and during transportation to a hospital or other healthcare facility.

    • ‘And usually one of those guys is going to be trained as the emergency medical technician that can do some initial assessments.’
    • ‘‘I'm fine; more embarrassed than anything,’ Enders said after being checked and released by an emergency medical technician at the facility.’
    • ‘‘Giving people a second chance at life is the most rewarding,’ said Whittington, who is a nationally certified emergency medical technician.’
    • ‘Scuffle, of Export, told how he has been with Eureka as a paid, full-time emergency medical technician for almost four years and hopes to complete police academy training soon.’
    • ‘Rosensteel, who's also an emergency medical technician, said the man seemed to be doing OK, but the woman was suffering from a respiratory illness.’
    • ‘He's been a trained emergency medical technician since 1988.’
    • ‘She took classes to be an emergency medical technician in Florida and got a master's degree in health from Adelphi University.’
    • ‘A West Yorkshire Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: ‘Despite using all our resources, including four paramedics and an emergency medical technician, we were unable to save the gentleman.’’
    • ‘"It is nonsense to suggest that an emergency medical technician can provide the same quality of service as a midwife," she said.’
    • ‘An emergency medical technician was called, and JT figured that it would be their only run for the evening.’
    • ‘The ambulance carried an emergency medical technician but was not staffed with a paramedic, who is better trained to handle life-threatening injuries.’
    • ‘This attitude is comparable to a recalcitrant physician who views an emergency medical technician or paramedic as an underling, rather than as an ally.’
    • ‘With an Air Force lieutenant general and an emergency medical technician at his side, Powell forged ahead into the space as fire and smoke billowed.’
    • ‘After 18 months he transferred to accident and emergency ambulances as an emergency medical technician, and then went on to gain his paramedic qualification.’
    • ‘I am also an emergency medical technician with 18 years of experience.’
    • ‘Research proves that you don't need to be a physician or an emergency medical technician to use a defibrillator successfully.’
    • ‘I am an emergency medical technician, and after dating a doctor from the ER for three years, we married this year.’
    • ‘One of them was a young emergency medical technician from south Jersey who had worked 30 hours straight.’
    • ‘Broken Vessels tells the story of Tom, an emergency medical technician who arrives in Los Angeles while trying to escape his past in Altoona, Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘Television reporters cornered an emergency medical technician and attempted to get him to say that the workers had endangered the life of a patient whose trip to the hospital was slowed by traffic.’