Definition of emergency services in English:

emergency services

plural noun

  • The public organizations that respond to and deal with emergencies when they occur, especially the ambulance service, the police, and the fire brigade.

    • ‘The final emergency service to be considered is the ambulance service.’
    • ‘As riders and spectators arrived at Howden Wood, many gave generously to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, the emergency service which money was being raised for at the event.’
    • ‘In the face of such a large-scale violent incident, why did the Dingzhou emergency service and the police arrive so late?’
    • ‘Three years ago he was promoted to general manager with responsibility for the paramedic emergency service.’
    • ‘In Britain temporary pacing is usually provided in district general hospitals by general physicians as part of an emergency service.’
    • ‘But we would also say that this service is an emergency service.’
    • ‘That will keep the body receptive to defibrillation when the emergency service arrives.’
    • ‘Many people attending the champagne launch of the new Essex Air Ambulance will be counting their blessings for the emergency service.’
    • ‘I see several emergency service workers carrying other emergency service workers from the scene.’
    • ‘The police are not only in the business of crime detection: we are the first emergency service, a genuine 24-hour service.’
    • ‘Top of the poll was the Fire and Rescue Service, with 74 per cent of employers rating the emergency service as good or very good.’
    • ‘In serious emergencies consider dialling 999/112 for an ambulance or other emergency service to minimise delay.’
    • ‘No country in the area has a welfare state or a properly organised emergency service - there are almost no public ambulances.’
    • ‘So the strain that, particularly our firefighters and police officers and emergency service workers have been under, is enormous.’
    • ‘Is it your sense that you are prepared with your emergency service people, your public safety officers to withstand the storm?’
    • ‘He heard the sound of the police officers and emergency service crews, as well as the sirens of many different vehicles.’
    • ‘Ambulance staff have asked the people of York, and North and East Yorkshire to help them get through the festive period - the emergency service's busiest time of year.’
    • ‘They are like an emergency service and they are there if we need them.’
    • ‘They may not be as quick as Darren Campbell or have the stamina of Paula Radcliffe but a few thousand workers of the emergency service are limbering up for a fiery contest of their own.’
    • ‘‘At the moment we are the only emergency service you can guarantee will be there in a matter of minutes,’ he says.’


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