Definition of emery board in English:

emery board


  • A strip of thin wood or card coated with emery or another abrasive and used as a nail file.

    • ‘And after you finish cutting them, smooth them out with an emery board.’
    • ‘Then use an emery board for smoothing any rough edges.’
    • ‘Slightly buff your fingernails with an emery board to ‘roughen’ them up.’
    • ‘Using a double-sided emery board, file nails using a gentle stroke.’
    • ‘The wart should be soaked in water and sanded with an emery board.’
    • ‘I hung up the phone, throwing my emery board in my bedside table drawer.’
    • ‘Lightly rub over the stain with an emery board to get rid of the spot.’
    • ‘Regular use of an emery board can help keep the nails short and smooth.’
    • ‘She set the emery board aside and tucked her thick hair behind her ears.’
    • ‘Then she produced an emery board from her pocket and started filing her nails.’
    • ‘A pumice stone or emery board was used to debride the lesions.’
    • ‘It looks like a little pink book of matches, but when you open it, there are twelve little emery boards that you can pull out, and they are in funky colors.’


emery board