Definition of emetine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈeməˌtēn/ /ˈɛməˌtin/


  • An alkaloid present in ipecac and formerly used in the treatment of amoebic infections and as an emetic in aversion therapy.

    ‘If patients use this emetic, the emetine that it contains can cause myocardial damage similar to viral myocarditis.’
    • ‘This product contains cephaline and emetine, which stimulate gastric sensory centers linked to the vomiting center in the brain.’
    • ‘In addition, using emetine (a translation inhibitor altering ribosome functioning) we detected the involvement of ribotoxic stress in p38 MAPK activation by UVA.’


Early 19th century from Greek emetos ‘vomiting’+ -ine.