Definition of emetophobia in English:



mass noun
  • Extreme fear of vomiting.

    ‘she first remembers experiencing emetophobia at boarding school at the age of six’
    • ‘Obviously, I have issues with food related to the emetophobia.’
    • ‘Learning to relinquish control is key in overcoming emetophobia, according to Dr Veale.’
    • ‘Despite suffering with emetophobia for nearly 75 years, last year she finally tackled her fear with the support of a therapist.’
    • ‘She had such extreme emetophobia that she deprived herself of the opportunity of motherhood, a choice she now regrets.’
    • ‘Doctors readily diagnose the OCD, but often fail to identify the underlying problem of the emetophobia.’
    • ‘The phobia - known as emetophobia - is so severe that she rarely leaves the house and is unable to work.’
    • ‘So we were shocked when my daughter developed emetophobia in first grade, the same age I was.’
    • ‘Emetophobia routinely leads to a fear of germs and a compulsion to clean and wash.’
    • ‘I have emetophobia, an intense fear of vomiting, which has ruled my thoughts and my life for the best part of a decade.’
    • ‘Emetophobia varies enormously in how it effects sufferers.’


1970s from Greek emetikos ‘vomiting’, from emein ‘to vomit’ + -phobia.