Definition of eminent domain in English:

eminent domain


mass nounLaw
  • The right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation. In the UK it is used chiefly of international law, whereas in the US it is used of federal and state governments.

    • ‘He is sponsoring legislation to restrict municipalities' rights to take property by eminent domain.’
    • ‘In the personal property aspect, there was a recent court opinion that said that the government could by eminent domain take property from citizens for public use.’
    • ‘The Kelo decision permitted the use of eminent domain for private development projects and has touched off a firestorm of protest throughout the country.’
    • ‘Lloyd's article has plenty of history about eminent domain, and how private developers are increasingly using it to get a hold of land they want.’
    • ‘After years of rubber-stamping, courts are beginning to cut back on the use of eminent domain for private parties.’
    • ‘He says six states have upheld the use of eminent domain for private business development, while nine forbid it.’
    • ‘Without eminent domain, acquiring enough property for a stadium could become expensive.’
    • ‘At least since the 1980s, many states have tended to interpret the government's eminent domain power extremely broadly.’
    • ‘State officials had asked municipalities to hold off on property seizures until the legislature considers changing the state's eminent domain laws.’
    • ‘Federal agencies would be granted the power of eminent domain to speed the building of more power transmission lines.’


eminent domain